This is a national clearinghouse  for animal related laws and issues. You can search for state and federal laws and pending legislation. Model legislation is also included.

Animal Legal Defense Fund  

 A leader in justice  for animal issues. Site includes model laws and resources.

Animal Protection Institute

 Offers a state-by-state guide to what’ s cooking in the legislative hopper. 

Animal Rights Law Project    Comprehensive site from Rutgers, the first university law school in the nation to offer animal law. 

Animal Welfare Information Center –Government site with links to regulations governing animal research, welfare, disease care and veterinary services.

Dog Bite Law – A website reference for dog bite victims, dog owners & others.

National Directory of Dog Bite Attorneys – The name says it all.

Dog Behavior & The Law – Geared toward attorneys, this newsletter features summaries of  recent cases involving dogs.

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.




The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll.


On mandatory microchipping:

“There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders.”

“If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  – Lidio 

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